Necessary tools for trade promotion management

Better trade promotions, more return on investment!

Rimsha Salman

9/8/20221 min read

Trade promotion management is a process to increase the sale, and demand for a product by providing incentives to the customers and building positive relations with the retailers. A well-planned and managed trade promotion can help promote the business and increase profits. Two major tools used for effective trade promotions are trade promotion optimization software and trade promotion management software.

Optimization software is the first tool you need for your trade promotion as it can help measure and plan successful campaigns. While choosing the software, you should keep in mind that your software should enable you to gather and analyze all your data on one platform and it should provide you with real-time data from various sources and consumer touchpoints. The software should provide insights for planning future promotional activities, along with updated traceable results that can be altered in real-time to generate accurate reports. It should also allow you to measure the sales and see the returns on investment once the campaign has ended. This software should eliminate all the time-consuming processes for you and make all the processes easier and faster.

Trade promotion management software is another necessary tool that would be required. This software is used internally to work on the operations of the trade promotions. This includes tasks like matching different campaign opportunities, defining new promotions, budget allocation whenever it is required, managing funds, giving easy and streamlined access to all the partners of the advertisements, tracking promotions, and others.

These tools will help develop effective trade promotions as they will automate and speed up all the processes which would result in a seamless workflow. Better trade promotions, more return on investment!